Saturday, September 10, 2011

Let me explain something....

Our family has had some amazing opportunities to meet some truly amazing Americans. Some of these people have political affiliations. Let me stress this now, Chaz and I are not endorsing anyone, nor any party. We are so happy that our politicians are just being great Americans and just want to support our family and our fellow soldiers by inviting us all to enjoy some amazing experiences.

First let me explain that I am a fence rider. I agree with parts of both parties, which is why I think the party system should just go away. I do not participate in primaries, because I will not register with a party just to vote. To me its an unnecessary label that is now irrelevant. To me if you're called to serve, you're called to serve. It is your job to do what you are elected to do. If you need to know which way to vote, then you need to ask your constituents not your political party. We vote for you to vote for us. If you are in doubt, tell your staffers to start making phone calls and find out what you are supposed to do.

Let me explain that we are all Americans. I do not care which party you are a member of as long as you support my husband and his fellow soldiers. One day, just like other events in our country's past, the truth will come out and we'll find out why we're in these wars. I know God has a plan and one day we'll find out all of the details. I don't know why Chaz had to leave us so many times. I don't know why he had to find that IED and change our lives forever. But I have faith in God's plan and He will see us through. In my heart, he went to do his job and he was trying to help bring peace and hope to volatile countries. I am fully aware of what infantry soldiers do, but I like to make it sound a lot better for our children. So for our girls Daddy is a soldier and soldiers help make the world a better place. I like to keep them innocent as long as possible, call me over protective, I don't care. So if you are a Democrat or Republican or Independent and invite us to a super cool event, that is a once in a lifetime experience we'll be there.

Look at Senator Jack Reed from Rhode Island. I don't even know what party he is with. That man met us and invited us on a private tour of the Capitol and for lunch in the Senate dining room. We cannot vote for him, he has nothing to gain from doing what he did for us. He sincerely just wants to make sure our soldiers are taken care of. Senator Reed is a great American. He is an elected leader who is trying to serve his voters, but also reaches out to all Americans. His reasoning is simple, he cares and wants you to know he cares.

We have heard a lot of comments about our family meeting Obama. Let me tell you how we stand. That is our President. Our country elected him, therefore we will give him the respect he deserves as the leader of our nation. I'll tell you flat out we disagree with some of his opinions, but he has every right to them just like we have our right to ours. Bottom line is, if the President invites to an event you are going to go because he is our President and he invited you and that's pretty freaking cool. You may disagree with his political stance, but the man is a human and an American and is entitled to his opinion, just like you are entitled to yours.

True story: Chaz and I did not like either Obama or McCain for President, but those were our choices in the last election. We always take the girls with us to vote so they will grow up to be responsible Americans and go participate in and uphold the right that people fought and died for us to have. So the day before the election Chaz and I decided the only way to vote was to cancel each other out. So we flipped a coin I got McCain and he got Obama. We each took the girls and voted the way of the coin. Deryn questioned it. So it became a great teaching tool. It was our way of voicing our disdain for our choices for our leaders, but we still participated in the Democratic process. I knew that who ever got elected would be stalemated by Congress for the next four years so to us it didn't matter. Funny how my prediction came true.

I truly feel sorry for the office of the President. I was the PTO President for two years. It was very difficult to keep everyone happy. I was constanly making someone mad because I did things differently. I saw first hand how apathetic our citizens are. I had a rough time rallying people to come help clean up the campus and to help volunteer for events. I still live in that happy bubble where everyone helps in the community. I had to have it popped to see that the majority of people just want their kids in school and they won't spare the time to come read to a child or volunteer for Field Day. When reality set in it was very hard. I was just the PTO President of hundreds of students, teachers, staff and parents. I can only imagine the pressure and stress the President must carry. Gees look at our Presidents. Look at them when they go into office and then as the years pass. They are under so much stress and it is visible. Think about all the decisions they have to make. I love the movie the American President for that exact reason. That movie demonstrates that the President is still a human being and we need to remember that.

Our Presidents oversee so many more people than I ever will. America you need to realize the President is ineffective if our Congress doesn't do their jobs. I agree with Starbucks' CEO. He is withholding all donations to political factions until Congress gets off their butts and start working. Remember Bush didn't send us to war, Congress did it. The President didn't mess with your taxes, Congress did it. The President cannot pass laws, Congress does. Our founding fathers set it up that way. The power is in our Congress, but most Americans don't know that because we don't really teach government anymore. They see the President and point and blame them. Now does the President do most of the talking, well of course. We elect them to do so. The President's office may pass ideas onto Congress but if Congress sits on them then your leader is ineffective. It is time to wake up and see how your country works. It is not controlled by one man, it is in your hands if you'll stand up and care. Your ancestors fought and died for what you have today, so stand up and speak out and celebrate it.

Let me explain that you must remember politicians and celebrities are just people. They are people just like you and I. Some of them just have some really cool jobs. Chaz and I have a really simple rule for who we let in our lives. Here it is, treat us the way we treat you and we'll get along fine. We have friends who are Democrats, Republicans, Athesists, Muslims, homosexual and every religion, skin, hair and eye color and almost every nationality out there. We love them all. We may not agree with their choices, but they love and support our family. They lift us up when we need it and we'd do the same for them. The greatest thing about our country is that we all come from different backgrounds, but we're all Americans. Regardless of our opinions as long as we should just be there for each other.

Let me explain we do not believe in quid pro quo which is Latin for "what for what." We do not do things for you and expect you to do for us. We don't have time to keep tally marks to make sure we're even. We don't care. You need us to watch your kids so you can go somewhere, sure. Maybe one day you can watch ours, maybe not. You do not "owe" us. When Chaz was hurt I was told I needed to get after writing my thank you cards. One day I will, but I am fairly sure Emily Post doesn't have an entry on thank you card time for when your hubby loses legs via an IED. Heck when you get married, you get a year. I'll get to them one day. But this one time when it was brought up I finally responded by saying I am not sitting on my ass eating bon-bons, I am a little busy so the cards will have to wait. If your friends or whomever gives anything to our family right now and are expecting a thank you card anytime soon, then please don't give to us.

Most people see our politicians as being full of quid pro quos. Our experience with them has been a lot different. I am happy that we can show our girls that all these people on TV are people, real people. We are able to explain to them that opinions are everywhere and you are entitled to them. But at the end of the day we are all people just trying to do what we think is right. We can disagree but we can still come together and keep our lives great.

We like to pay things forward, we expect nothing. We hope that when we do for others they will then pay that forward to someone else some how. We are currently just enjoying the blessings God is giving us so we can bring lots of positive to our girls while healing and dealing with a kind of crappy situation. We want to heal as a family and not have them resent us or anyone else for this situation. By leading as an example for them, we can hopefully take the quid pro quos out of their lives and show them how amazing life in our country and the world is.

Let me also explain that we are not looking for a handout or hand up, we are not desitute, our lives have just been changed a little. If you want to help us great, we are thankful for all forms of help! But if you are trying to control us then you need to move on. Our lives are currently being control by the US Army and that's enough! I was blessed with a really big mouth and you do not need to speak for me, nor for my hubby. You cannot and will not use us to further your agenda. I am famous for saying "I am Switzerland" which is my way of saying I am neutral leave me out of it. We just want to enjoy life and have fun while we're healing, we do not need your restrictions, demands and expectations right now.

So let me explain that while we are on this journey we will seize every exciting opportunity possible that God puts in front of us. If it offends you that we go to the White House or to Congress or for anywhere for that matter, then please do not follow our family. We are celebrating the joys of what God is bringing to us and are trying to minimize the drama. Please see our journey for what it is. We are healing and having a lot of fun enjoying our blessings tha keep appreaing. Please do not read into it. We are not out for attention, political nor financial gain, or any of that silliness. We are just having fun enjoying once in a lifetime experiences. We are just trying to heal and trying to have a lot of fun as we are on our road to our new normal. All we want is from you it that you pray and think of our families and our fellow soldiers. We hope that we can bring you a smile or two as you watch us heal. Thank you all for your support!!!


  1. Jessica, I am so inspired by your strength and the strength of your family. I have great admiration for how you have risen above the challenges of your new life with such courage and grace. Several members of my immediate family are active duty military soldiers and have completed more than one tour of duty in the middle east. We are blessed that they've come home unharmed, but so many soldiers and their families are not as fortunate and suffer great tragedy. Your family is a true inspiration for all. I love reading your are the wife and mother that all wives and mothers inspire to be. Keep up the strong ROCK!!

    Love and blessings from the McKissen Family, Grand Junction, Colorado

  2. Well put Jessica. You made me rethink some things I do in life. You are a true inspiration on your blogs. Keep up the excellent work, and I really enjoy seeing and hearing your stories. Take Care and God Bless you all!!!

  3. wow....I think these politicians and celebrities could use a little more of your influence. They truly do need to see how their decisions affect our lives.

  4. Just started reading your blog... I think you should continue living life to the fullest and I agress 100% with everything you said... Good luck on your journey, and thank you to your husband and you're entire family for the sacrifice!