Thursday, September 8, 2011

Finally a September Post

I know, I know it's been forever, but I have a lot of really great excuses. I'll fill you on them and perhaps get a little forgiveness. It has been a non-stop crazy train of action (bad and good) in the Allen household.

The last time I wrote was August 30. It was such a sad day. We lost two bright lights in our community. The ripples were felt all over our town. August 31, I went to the funeral home to see our babysitter, Katie and check on her because I knew how bad she was hurting from the loss of her best friend. I did not go inside that morning, because I did not know Amy like I did Katie and funeral homes are my kryptonite. I knew I had to go back that evening and twice in one day is too much for anyone. I gave Katie some treats and a gigantic hug and then had to come home. I got to do the second yucky thing of the day, I had to say see-ya to my friend and her daughter, who has been our youngest's best friend since they were 2 years old.

I was dreading that moment, but at least we were home in TN for one more sleepover. Julia, Ry's little friend, broke my heart when she yelled at her mom, "I don't want to leave." I had to come back inside and grab the treasure box so we could bribe her into the car. It was great timing because I was able to runaway from the tears for a minute. And then they were gone to Georgia for their Daddy's next assignment. We'll see them again I am sure, but it's always hard to say see you later when you just don't know when later is.

That was behind me and I had to take care of some clients and take another tax class. Not sure if you are tracking, but I own and operate my own tax preparation business. This is my 10th year of preparing and 3rd year running my own company. I used to work for H&R Block, but my ethics compelled me to walk away from them. Over the course of this past week I have taken 10 classes, taken a 150 question final and don't even want to know how many practice tax returns. I am pleased to report I made a 95% and am now caught up on my CEUs (continuing education units) for the IRS. I am trying to get my Chartered Tax Professional license which will prepare me for the Enrolled Agent Exam with the IRS later on. Somehow with flying back and forth caring for Chaz and the girls I still completed 120 tax returns. While I have been home on leave, I've completed a few amendments, a non-profit return and an audit. You might think I'm crazy but I have a house to build. Momma's got to keep that money coming in! ;)

That Wednesday evening I had to go back to the funeral home and see my friend, Jane (who was the girls' principal) and give our condolences on the loss of her son. My friend, Angela, and I stood in line for over an hour just to see her. We decided it was officially the worst ride we have ever waited to get on. So many tears, so much sadness, I had to keep cracking jokes so I wouldn't transport myself back to 1994 and relive my own personal tragedies. I kept talking with the teenagers behind us. I was trying to keep one of them from passing out. God Bless her, she kept forgetting to breathe. So I kept reminding her. Then I got to Jane. I was so happy to see her smile at me (we've both kind of had a crappy year, you know). She told me that she was so happy to see me and that she had been worried about my family. Then she told me a funny story and we both started laughing. You can only imagine the looks we got. But she started it, and I am so glad it was me that got to make her laugh. It was my honor to put a smile on her face as we were sitting next to her baby boy who was in his coffin and was to be buried the next day. I will never forget that moment.

I hoped that with the first of the month coming in all good news would come with it. Unfortunately, I was wrong. We had our first fall. Bad news, it was a pretty bad one. Chaz's wheels on his chair hit the transition of the kitchen/dining room and his wheelchair dumped him out onto the floor. He hit knees (where they would be) first and since his right arm is fused, he only had his left to help brace himself. Gravity won and he did a face plant onto the tile floor in the kitchen. I (followed by our two cuties) immediately ran to his side. I helped him get flipped around and sat back up and I immediately gave him pain meds and warned him not to argue. Then I lifted him back into his chair. Let me tell you that guy is not light at all. But we picked up and moved on.

Just so you know he was not being careless or wreckless at all. I watched the whole thing go down. It was a freak accident. The front wheels turned sideways and hit that transition and he was propelled forward. The good news is we got the first one over with and now we have a real attack plan. Let's hope we can keep the accidents to a minimum, but we know there will be accidents, it's called life after all. Somewhere in the visit to TN, Chaz ran over my left foot. But according to the Dr I saw (who I call Doogie Howser) it isn't broken because I can walk on it. Yes, I am going to get a second opinion before we go back to MD. But it's another example of the accidents that go on in our world now.

Next up is the bad news crazy train, my best friend's grandfather dies. She has also had a rough year and this was another punch to the gut. She lives in KY and I can't get to her right now so I have been worried to death about her. I finally got to talk to her the other day and I feel a lot better now.

I wake up everyday telling myself its going to get better because I know it will. With every joy, there is sorrow and with every sorrow, there is joy. We have been so blessed and those blessings are still coming. We are just in a period of crazy sadness, hence the reference to the Crazy Train.

In the midst of all of this, The Crazy Train has also brought us joy too. We have been able to see some friends and hang out and catch up with them and that has been the best part of this trip. We are all sad that we have to leave TN on Monday. But we are also excited to go back to MD/DC/VA. We have amazing people there helping us plan some more amazing adventures. Time will fly by (like it already has) and we'll be back soon. Hopefully the Army will let us get on with our lives soon and we'll get back and start building our house and moving on with our new normal.

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