Thursday, September 15, 2011

Exciting news....

For once I just don't know where to start! We are so excited!! I don't know how to rank all of these because they are so exciting!!!! So I'll list them as they pop into my head!

We're really excited about Deryn's birthday on Tuesday. We are so ready to hit her with our awesome surprises. Hee, hee, hee!! Check out Team Allen on Tuesday. The first one is at 12pm EST/11am Central and the second one is at 4:30pm EST/3pm Central . Pics will appear shortly after. It's REALLY great, and I mean it!!

We were informed yesterday that it is official we are in the final chapter of all of this!!!! Chaz's X-rays came back and his bones stopped growing! This means no more surgeries on his legs! We were really worried because of his fall in TN, but he's all good!

Yesterday we also found out his last set of legs are on their way!!!!! They will make him 6 foot tall again and he'll have a bendable knee!! Once he gets them adjusted to his comfort he'll walk just like you and I! I am a little sad because they were supposed to be in today, but they didn't make it! :( But they are sure they'll be here tomorrow. Don't worry there will be pics!

The Medical Board has been started and Chaz just has to jump through all of those hoops. This will take awhile. Chaz will remain on Active Duty until all this is done. He'll have to go to a bunch of appointments and wait for the Army and VA boards to meet to decide his disability rating. They think this will take the longest out of all of this. Is anyone surprised?! I'm not!

Chaz still hasn't decided if he is saying on active duty or not. It is really a hard decision for him. I truly don't know which way he'll go. This is how I feel. I just want him to be happy. I don't care if he stays in or gets out. The girls and I will be beside him no matter what. He has to decided what he wants to do. I'd like to see him get his degree, but he can do that either way he goes. We did find out he will be medically retired which means we retain our insurance. That is super important. I have Epstein-Barr (chronic mono version) and both of our girls have asthma. We want to continue their care and not switch up. This is now a non-issue. If he stays in or if he retires we maintain the same level of care. Big relief here for me, but doesn't really help Chaz in his decision making.

Chaz is no longer on narcotics!!!!! He is only taking Tylenol and ibuprofen for his pain!! He will remain on pills for his nervous system, but the Oxy is gone!!!! We will keep his Oxy IR (instant release) for emergencies, but he longer needs the twice daily dose to get through the day.  Woot-woot!!!

He still has to meet with his docs about his arm, but that will not effect any of the above. We should know more about the arm soon. As of today, it will remain fused. Chaz is tired of surgeries and fears he will lose the strength he has by having any more surgeries on his elbow. He has full use of his hand and he is happy with the position of the fusion. Once again this is his decision. I am with him on losing the strength. Also his elbow is in 7 pieces and is almost impossible to put back together. He needs a replacement. But that replacement will have limited range of motion and more than likely would not be able to bear as much weight as he can right now. In addition that replacement will wear out and once it wears out then his arm would have to be fused.

We will still remain in MD for quite a while longer. We still have a lot to do. But we are officially in the final phase!!!!  We will go back to TN for Christmas, but there's a good chance we maybe going home for good, only time will tell. Can you believe Chaz was injured in January and here we are in September and we're in the final phase?! I have the most amazing hubby!!!!


  1. Great news, guys! Thank you for sharing your story with the world!

  2. Great News I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers. I just hope you realize how much of an inspiration this story is too so many people !! Keep up the AWESOME work !!

  3. Sounds great, I'm sure God will lead Chaz where he needs to be. Best wishes with this phase of the recovery and continued prayers.

  4. Wow, what a lot of great news in one post! You go, Team Allen!! You can't keep a good man down - Chaz is proof positive of that. God bless all of you!