Thursday, August 4, 2011

White House Tour- August 4

Today we had the privilege of touring the White House. Once again WRAMC's Executive Services put together another great event! We boarded the buses and we were at the White House at 11. We were briefed before we left that we could not take cameras in, which made me a very sad mommy. On the way to the buses this morning, Ryann asked if we were having school today? To which I quickly replied, "Yes at the White House." Deryn then told us she thought this homeschooling stuff is pretty cool.

When we exited the buses we were all greeted by tons of staffers and security. All of the sudden I hear, "Jessica" and I turned to see President Obama's Assistant, Darienne. She came up and told me she was so excited to see our family on the list. She then told me that the President had talked about me quite a bit the day I met him. I was shocked. I thought well that's pretty darn cool. She remembered me. Maybe that's her job, but I was excited that she remembered me. She then met Chaz and the girls and we chatted for a few minutes. Then we were introduced to our very own intern for our visit. Ours was named Allison and she was from Yale and was super sweet. She was so excited. She was getting to go and see things that she has never seen before. All of the interns were so excited to be on the tour with us. They kept saying "oh my gosh," "look at this," "look at that," "this is cool."

We had to go through all the security checkpoints. Then we got to begin our tour of the East wing. We got to all over the "social side" of the White House. We got to go into the China room, or the "dish room" seen in the American President. We got to go into the Library, the sitting room and the room where Obama exits to go to his motorcade. There was so much history, is was amazing. We saw so many paintings and personal belongings, I was a very happy History/Poli Sci major today. We got to go upstairs and see where his party was going to be held. All of the sudden here comes a cute dog. Instantly I realize that's the first dog. "Eeekkk" was the first thing I wanted to say. Instead this really cool guys who was escorting the dog says, "Quick take a picture." I told him they said we weren't allowed. He said, "Whatever, I'll be right back. Your girls need a picture with this dog." The lady who originally said no pics walks up and says, "Wait for the room to clear out and you can take a pic with your girls and the dog." Ryann was so excited, she said, "Mom, we have to send that picture to Mrs. Gray (her kindergarten teacher) she read us a book about him." The lady and gentleman who let me take the picture were so excited that Ryann was excited. I am so glad that there are some really awesome people out there who want to help make memories special. I assured her I hadn't and wouldn't take any more pics. She said for such cuties, we can turn our heads and winked at me. Then we went into another room for a group photo.

We are getting all set up and are listening to one of the guards tell us about the room when poof, in walks President Obama. I was so excited. I got to meet him back in June while Chaz was in surgery and I wanted the rest of my family to meet him too. We took our group shots and then Obama said that he wanted to meet everyone for the first time or again. Then we started singing Happy Birthday to him. You could tell he enjoyed that. He then went along and shook everyone's hand and stopped, looked at me and said, "Oh good, you brought the family." Then looked at Chaz and said, "I tried to meet you, but I heard the surgeons overruled me that day. And look the girls." He took his time and talked to each of the girls and ya'll Ryann actually talked back to him. She is very shy, so we were all three shocked that she talked. Then he asked if I got my autographed picture of us from Ward 57. I told him no, not yet. He said, I'll have someone check on that. Then we each took family shots. And then his had to get back to business. He apologized that they didn't have a cake for all of us to share, which would have been really cool!

It was time to go after that. Darienne, Obama's assistant came up to me to tell me who had my picture. I thought gees, you're good. Then she asked if I still had her card and I told her yes. She then asked for me to email her so she had a way to contact me. I told her I would also send her the blog and Team Allen sites so she could check them out. She and our intern Allison walked us out to the buses and I shared some of our story with them. Allison shook our hands and then departed. I got a nice hug from Darienne and promised I would email her today (which I already did, by the way).

Today was another great memory for the Allen family!

The girls with Bo!


  1. elizabeth elliottAugust 4, 2011 at 8:19 PM

    so cool Jessica !! so cool!

  2. What a wonderful day to remember!