Saturday, August 20, 2011

We can never trust you again!

Yesterday I was informed by my husband and Demetria that I can never be trusted again. You see I love to surprise people. I really like to make sure they never see it coming! So yes I am evil because I like to thank people in my own special way.

So since Chaz has been hurt, I have surprised him many times. I surprised him with his homecoming, his super computer and then with his awards yesterday. But you know what I couldn't have done any of those surprises without the help of so many people. I am just so thankful to be blessed by so many people who want to see our family succeed. I am so thankful that God just keeps putting such incredible people on our path to healing. We would have never known about some of these awesome organizations and people if Chaz would not have been hurt. And there's no way I would have been able to pull off all of these surprises without everyone's help. It just means so much to me to have so many people ready to step up just to make our family smile. And the best thing is, I have more surprises in the works (hee, hee, hee).

The guys and I planned Chaz's BBQ/Awards thing a while ago. So I've been sitting on it for a minute. Well Thursday we went to Ft Campbell to see Chaz's First Sargent change his responsibilities to the new First Sargent. I had to pass the word along to not ruin the surprise. Since the guys know better than to mess with me, they follow my orders very well, just kidding, not really, they've seen me at work. We came up with the plan that Chaz needed to sign some paperwork, hey it's the Army, it's a totally legit reason to make him come back to Campbell, so that way he knew we had to come back the next day. Then I made sure he didn't get pictures with all of his guys so I had another excuse to bring him back. (I know I'm evil, you don't have to remind me). 

On the ride home Chaz tells me, "Hey did they tell you I have to come back tomorrow?" I said, "Yup they filled me in." Then I told him hey I was talking with Demetria and they're coming up and we'll get them to take some pics with you and your guys. He says, "Oh great, I didn't get any with First Sargent and there's some others I want too." Then he thanked me for getting him to the change over and for pushing him all over the grounds so he could see everyone. The thing I love about my hubby is he knows those guys mean as much to me as they do to him. So I have as much fun as he does. Then he and I put together a surprise for Demetria and Ray.

All excuses were in place and we headed out to Campbell, after we thanked my awesome friend Karyn for stopping by and pulling our weeds (how freaking nice is that). I drove past the main gate and Chaz says, "Where are you going?" I told him, "Well I was told to go to Gate 6." He then says, "I know there's a BBQ someone accidentally told me yesterday." Then he said, "No paperwork huh?" I said, " I think their might be paperwork." Demetria and Ray were in on the surprise so they were smiling. I told Chaz, "The BBQ is your surprise" and I left it at that.

When we got there, Chaz and I were both so excited we got to meet Chuck from DET 3 Foundation. He and his foundation have been so supportive of us during Chaz's recovery. I was so thankful to put a face with a name. I was thankful to shake his hand and say thank you in person. That was one of the highlights of my day. 

We had a great time hanging out with everyone and enjoyed some great food. Then Captain Gold called everyone in. First he called Demetria and Ray over and presented them with a challenge coin. He and I both talked about how they were the ones who helped us communicate during all of this. I told the guys that if it wasn't for them Team Allen would have never started. Everyone needs to know how amazing they are. They support you guys injured or not. They are thankful for you (the soldiers) and they knew how important it was to Chaz and I that you knew what was going on. I got a very nice I can't believe you did this look from Demetria that said it all. I love those moments in life when you know someone so well they can look at you and you know what they are thinking. Chaz and I are so thankful for them. They have done so much for us and I know Team Allen has got to take up a lot of time and effort and they have just never stopped. We are so blessed to have them in our lives.

Then Gold started talking about Chaz and said he was going to finally present him his awards. Chaz never saw it coming. When they said Bronze Star Chaz looked and me and poof came the tears. He was shocked. You see my hubby does not understand he is so amazing. He does not see what we all see, which to me makes him even more amazing. You could tell he was stunned. Walls pinned the Star and Flores pinned Chaz with an ARCOM with Valor. Then Gold awarded Chaz with his Gold Spurs and his Distinguished Member of the 502nd Award. Then ChazChaz's life. I also told them to make sure and appreciate their leaders because they are some of the best leaders Chaz has ever had.

We hung out for a little bit longer and then we went home. Then I was informed by Chaz and Demetria on the ride home that I can't be trusted. I just laughed. I said, "Hey at least it's for good things, right?" Chaz then asked me if I knew about all of the awards and I said yup. Later on that day Chaz said, "I can't believe they gave me the star." I told him, "You're the only one who doesn't think you deserve it."  He said, "But I was just doing my job." I said, "Yes and you were great at what you were doing and they saw that."

You know being on stage with Train was amazing and I'll never forget it. But being able to stand in front of the men who saved my husband's life and who continue to support our family and being able to say thank you is another Rockstar moment I will never forget.

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