Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Week.....

I have had an exhausting, but awesome week. I few weeks ago I decided that I was not going to wait for someone to start doing things for our littlest warriors, so I started contacting non-profits and asked for help with a few ideas. The Aleethia Foundation, Operation Ward 57 and the Yellow Ribbon Fund were thrilled to help me. So let the fun begin!

Sunday Aleethia treated 9 family members to a spa day. Most were mother/daughter teams, but one was a new caregiver that I asked to be added to the list. It was a huge hit and smiles were every where. 

As you can see we have very happy cuties, moms and employees!! We were provided with a light lunch and were able to have hair, makeup and nails done. It was an amazing day.

On Monday, the Yellow Ribbon Fund treated the littlest warriors to a day exploring the National Building Museum and the Lego exhibit. As you can see from these faces we had a ton of fun!! Their favorite part was the Mini-Golf that was downstairs. But you can tell they enjoyed the Legos too.
Tuesday night Aleethia, Operation Ward 57 and Yellow Ribbon Fund teamed together to help me put on an ice cream social. Families here at 1200 were able to make their favorite ice cream treat. Sorry, I forgot to get a picture here! ;)

Wednesday Operation Ward 57 treated a group of 9 cuties to a day at Color Me Mine and then lunch at Panera Bread. You can see from this one, some serious creativity was going on!

Thursday we had a pool day with Yellow Ribbon Fund. This was followed by a sleepover at our house with the girls' friends. Believe it or not I had an amazingly quiet night. We just love the girls' new friends. When they're here, half the time we don't even know we have any kids here. It works out very well!

Yesterday morning I got caught up on work, then was off to a meeting. I rushed back to the apartment to grab my family to join our fellow wounded warrior families at another great dinner provided by Aleethia. We love Aleethia dinners. They are the such a great place to enjoy a great meal with our fellow wounded warrior families.

Sunday through Friday was so incredibly busy, but all the smiles that were created made it all worth wild. I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to the Aleethia Foundation, Operation Ward 57 and the Yellow Ribbon Fund for helping me make this week possible.

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