Friday, July 27, 2012

A Great Moment.....

Today Deryn decided to jump on the couch with full force. All eighty-something pounds of her came crashing down on my foot that happened to be sitting at a sideways angle. Of course it hurt and my foot is now purple and has started to swell.

I screamed because it hurt. Deryn begins crying because she realizes hurt me. Wahoo for pre-teen drama! Lord help us in the teenage years.

Chaz enters to come help with the situation. He had Deryn get the ice pack for my foot. Then he says, "Oh really you have foot pain? It must be nice." Then comes the laughter. He then reminds Deryn that she should be grateful that she didn't jump on his prosthetic foot because she would be the one hurting. 

You know you have come a long way when you can take something so serious and laugh about it with your kids. Crisis avoided!  ;)


  1. I LOVE it... Y'all are just awesome, no matter how ya look at it...Rock on, Allen family!!! Hope your foot feels better soon, Jess...

  2. Lovely family story! It made me smile and count my blessings, thanks for sharing it!