Sunday, December 18, 2011

In response.....

 This comment was left on my blog today.... Anonymous wrote: As a fellow wounded warrior wife who has been on this journey quite a bit longer than you it's really upsetting to think you believe your family sets the bar for the wounded. you have an entire brand and charity that you created for your own family and are constantly marketing yourselves for profit. (Which I think is so wrong considering we both now how well the Army takes care of us.) You are so willing to share every single aspect of your journey I don't think it's fair to criticize those who have questions. The boundaries for "Team Allen" are extremely blurry and you can't expect civilians to understand where you draw the line. We do lead an interesting life and without trying to financially profit I want to share my story so civilans can understand this life can be a bitch! I'm proud of the injuries my husband has endured and survived so damn straight I'm more than proud to share with complete strangers the survivor he is! You and your family thrive for the lime light so honestly even as a fellow wounded family it's hard for us to even think there are any boundaries for "Team Allen." My advice to Team Allen is to take a more modest route. If you want to lead a private life then don't have a public blog. Best of luck!


  1. That post was probably from the same person who posted something a while back but decided to post as anonymous this time. Jealously is the root of all evil.

  2. I agree. It's jealousy - plain as day. People can't stand to see others doing well - successfully dealing with and overcoming tough circumstances. Because then they would have to take responsibility for not overcoming theirs.

    I am so thankful for what you share. It's a breath of fresh air. Please keep it up.

  3. Also Anonymous' "advice" is too personal to be taken seriously. I hope you ignore it in all respects. Women hating on other women (especially publicly) is an unfortunate and ridiculous tragedy. Getting off soap box now.

  4. what is it that my grandpa used to say.. oh yeah ..

    people that choose to criticize others are most likely reflecting the unhappiness in their own lives..

  5. I cannot believe someone would think that about you and your family. Maybe if this person would be at our meetings or maybe at our Christmas party too see how much you really care about WW and their families. But I guess there is always going to be someone or something out there trying to bring you down...I'm very proud of you and Chaz and appreciate your blogs and the work you do for our "family" of WW and their families.

  6. Keep doing just as you have been.
    You are Great @ helping everyone!
    Thanks For Sharing with us.

  7. Great answers, Jessica! The comment sounds like envy, bitterness and jealousy to me, too. I especially love what you wrote "I think our journey shows how beautiful life can be after tragedy strikes and it shows the true American spirit and how hope, faith and love can help you conquer all." I SOOO totally agree. Your family's positive attitude and good humor are what attracts blessings and so much attention to your personal situation. Please don't ever change that! :D

  8. Please know that by sharing your story publicly you will do far more good for those in the same and similar situations than you would if you suffered in silence. Keep up the great writing and the great work. A very wise writer once told me that there will always be people who disagree and get angry when you write some worth saying. If nobody gets mad, then you probably didn't say anything worth saying. Don't let the haters get you down!

  9. Team Allen sets a good example of how the community (friends/families/etc) rallies to help out. When our wounded Heroes have the community behind them, it helps tremendously both financially and spiritually.

    I reached out to Team Allen prior to my WRNMMC visit last weekend to see if they (Jess and Chaz) needed anything. I was told thank you and no...if they're looking to profit that wouldn't have been the answer; granted if they were in need, I hope they would have said yes :)

    It may be that anonymous doesn't have that support and sadly, that happens too often. I hope they reach out to non-profits to seek assistance as needed.

    Bob O'Donoghue
    Director of Special Projects
    Operation First Response (OFR)

  10. It's true, it would be easy to cast your self in such a glorious light. However Jessica I have witnessed your true colors when the cameras are gone and you think no one is looking. In fact there was one time inparticular that you disturbed my husband's rest and child's nap because you were screaming about the pharmacy's delay..... We could hear it through our hospital door! I myself have been very frustrated with the healing process and several different departments but I could never imagine yelling or venting at the nurses station for the entire ward to hear just because something wasn't worked out to my convenience. My comments do not come from bitterness. I know exactly what my family is entitled too I just don't think it's acceptable to take more than you need. And as a business owner, who is STILL on orders and married to a high ranking NCO when are the hand outs going to finally be enough for you??? We have been blessed my many different non profits and they are awesome! They are a great resource and do make the healing process soooo much easier but I can't help but think what about the civilians out there who are going through there own personal medical hell and cant afford their medical bills because they aren't just written off by Tri Care..... what are they supposed to do??? It is unfortunate what has happened to our husbands! I hate seeing them in pain but we did take this chance when we enlisted and we are blessed to have an amazing instituion such as the Army to care for us for the rest of our lives!
    And to toot your own horn by mentioning you buried someone's kid.... how is that even a factor to discuss???? That is DISGUSTING!!! I don't care how mad you are with my comment and how much you are trying to prove what a good person you are, you NEVER bring up the death of someone's child in vain.

  11. I am so sorry Team Allen is being given all this anger from anonymous. I, too, shall post as anonymous as I'm not sure how to post any other way. Not that much computer savvy. However, I must say to the "angry anonymous" that I will pray for peace for you and pray for your husband's healing. God bless Team Allen and God bless "angry anonymous". Much love to you both from NC.

  12. I can say that when the cameras were NOT around and I had the opportunity to help several of the wounded warrior families through something Jessica was organizing, I had to INSIST she include the Allen family on the list of people who would be recipients of a small gift. She did not have her name on the list (that was filled with other families names) until I insisted. And, no one knew the details except me and Jessica, so no one would have ever known. Profit? Come on...there is no amount of money and/or stuff that would be a fair trade for ANY wounded warriors injuries. I will also be praying for Anonymous...

  13. Well, I guess that people deal with healing in different ways. I can't speak from experience, b/c im not in the situation. I can speak as a person who has been around many injured soldiers and their families over the last few years working with a non profit, and i've seen families who shut others out, and i've seen families embrace military/civilian/non profit and thrive in the healing process while helping others heal. I can't tell anyone how they "should" heal, but seeing both outcomes, the families who talked about their experience, who accepted help, who helped others and who didn't keep it all inside and stay to themselves have all faired for the better. I can say that I know Jessica. I can say that there isn't a disgusting or horn tooting or greedy bone in her body. I do not believe mentioning helping another family out was to tell the world what a good person she is- everyone already knows that. I believe it was only brought up for the simple fact someone attacted "team allen" and the spending of "team allen funds". Not that its any ones business how anyone spends their money. I am glad Jessica voices her opinions- shes made things happen IN A POSITIVE WAY for other military families, non profits, and so many others. No one can fix or help anything or anybody if they don't know whats going on. IM sorry that anonymous' recovery process isn't going as well as the Allen's is going. Shit happens. Not one of these men and women deserved any of the horrible things that happened. But it did. You can't change it. You can only move forward. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, mine however is The Allens have made the very best of a very shitty experience, and have helped many along the way. I do not understand why all of a sudden their is a mad dash to attack a person. Every family has enough to deal with with out adding all of that nonsense.

  14. Never take an anonymous gutless wonder seriously. Love your blog. Keep up the good work!

  15. I have to speak from personal experience the "true person" Jessica is. When the cameras are not on, she offers herself, her services and her time to help others. I was going through a difficult time last year and she offered her services to me free of charge. You may not like her assertiveness but it is how she gets the job done! Those that support Team Allen have done so b/c they WANT to, not b/c Jessica has asked them to. I felt this blog was a way for her to thank those supporters and let them follow the journey and offer more than just monetary support, but prayer and kind words in hard times but also good times. Jessica DOES sensor the information provided and thinks of her family first. I think it is amazing that she can pull through that and offer MORE of herself to help others as well. It is hurtful to many that "anonymous" feels the need to hurt someone simple because they do not understand why Jessica has chose the path she has paving the foundation for her (and her family's) new life. There is never an excuse lash out and hurt someone and that would be the only reason to post something so hurtful publicly on a blog that is intended for support. We support you Team Allen! I know you have MANY supporters and great appreciation for ALL the work you do ("on and off camera").

  16. no need to say prayers for my family or i, we get by just fine! please pray for the grieving family of the child that Jessica was so quick to boast about burying. my original post was regarding Jessica's wishes to respect her privacy... (which i must again point out the irony as she has flippin' T Shirts! and a constant campaign to get as many "likes" as possible! lol) but back to the point, where was the respect for the grieving family???? Jessica practiced ZERO discretion when it came to their privacy.

    my post was meant to strike a nerve. i would say mission accomplished.

    Merry Christmas Team Allen! :)

  17. I just couldn't belive the hate that was written about you and your family Jessica. I have been over to your house when you had a pampered chef party years before Chaz was injured. You guys haven't made the best of a terrible situation. You look at the joys given in life rather than to dwell on your losses. The person simply does not know you. Before Chaz was injured, you went above and beyond for your community and you have continued to do so even thru all that was happened to Chaz and his recovery. Gosh, you could toot your own horn. Your amazing!! And you just really want to help everyone you can because you a loving and giving selfless person. I am not in the military, but several of my friends hubbies are. I have seen you while Chaz was out in field and when he was home. You constantly were envolved in something for some one else, be it pta or another worthy project you were helping with. I do not belive you have changed from being this selfless person. I have been so proud of all your family has done. We have had Chaz on the pray list at church, ever seen you told the news to your friends on facebook. For anyone that doesn't know, I am not a relative or close friend of the Allens. You are outspoeken for what you belive in and you are a very smart person. I hate that someone is attacking you and your family and mocking all the good things you have done. Hang in there and know that even your aqaintances know whats in your heart and you are none of the things accused. I knew you before cameras and I know you haven't changed from the good person you've always been.

  18. Everyone needs prayer, especially in hard times. To just flippantly throw away someones prayer just further shows how disrespectful and hateful this person is. The t-shirts were made to support Chaz when he was first injured and for when he came home. So many people want one because the Allen family is well loved and supported because they are such great people. If you noticed in her post, no names were named of the family that she helped, that was respecting that family's privacy. This is the first I've heard that Team Allen paid a funeral. I live in Clarksville, TN, same city the Allens live and they have definitely not invaded a grieiving families privacy. You accused them of collecting funds inapproapiately and Jessica was just giving an example of what the funds were used for. I am sorry for this person that doesn't even have the conviction to post their name because then everyone will know the face behind such a heart full of hate. Also to publicly attack someone just to strike a nerve so close to Christmas is disgusting.

  19. The Lord is with you right now, lifting you up, giving you strength! Always praying!
    Isaiah 40:28-31 Hast thou not known? hast thou not heard, that the everlasting God, the LORD, the Creator of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is weary? there is no searching of his understanding. He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength. Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall: But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.
    Prayer Bears
    My email address

  20. I too will sign on as anonymous since that is the trend you so willingly started.

    Wow, congrats you struck a nerve and attacked a wounded warrior family at Christmas time. That is totally something I would be boastful and proud about. You can now go to and make your own T-shirt that reads, Mission Accomplished: I attacked a wounded warrior wife I am jealous of at Christmas. That's definitely something to be so proud of, make sure you tell all your friends. I bet they'll be proud of you too.

    Oh and the Allens are by far not the first WW family to have T-shirts and they by far will not be the last. It is an awesome trend and I think I'll go order one now just so I have a spare to replace my one I ordered at the beginning of their journey. I support this family that much!

    To me I think it's awesome that Chaz and Jess gave Team Allen funds to another family in their time of need. They could have done nothing, they have a house to build. Instead they heard their was a need and donated money to that family. As a member of the Clarksville community I am proud that some of the money I donated to the Allens also blessed another family. I bet they could have used that money for something in that new house. But they never said the name of the family nor took it in vain. They also didn't say how long ago they gave that money to that family. That was the first time they ever said anything publicly and that's because you acted like a playground bully and pushed them into a corner. Now you must reap what you sow. So congrats to you for acting so childish.

    And as for prayers, anyone and everyone can always use more. You may be as fine as you say you are, but we can all see the hate in your heart and we will all lift you up in the prayers that you truly need. I will also pray that the spirit of Christmas will somehow grace your door and your family will have a blessed holiday.

    One more thing to consider, you claim to also be a wounded warrior wife. I wonder how would your hubby feel if he knew you where saying such hateful things about and to another family. If you know what this journey looks like then why would you pour salt on a open wound. And more importantly how would he feel if you were attacked like you've done to Jessica. I can only imagine how much anger you have brought to Chaz, he is very overprotective of Jessica. Would you want that for your own husband?

    Merry Christmas to you Anonymous! :)

  21. Hey Anonymous!!!!
    I have to laugh at you each time I get an email with a new comment left on this blog!! (Yes, I get them too because I set this blog up). You really aren't the brighest crayon in the box are you?? I ask because even though you do not leave your name you think people (such as myself, Jessica & Chaz) have NO idea who it is?? Please you are only making yourself look like a fool!! And your hubby would be ashamed of you for these antics!!!

    And as for your stupid comments let me set the record straight for your 3rd grade mind!!! I'll even type it in ALL CAPS so maybe you can understand it better!!!!


    You seriously have issues! How DARE YOU come on here and start a lynch mob against this family?? If you were having issues with the hospital or departments why didnt YOU step up and do anything??? You are a jealous person, and I feel so sorry for your husband and child. To think that the one person they love is coming on another wounded warriors blog and leaving such nasty, childish comments. How old are you again? As for the funeral, you know nothing about the circumstances of that! I believe someone just commented they live in Clarksville and never knew anything about it!

    I have met you before...once from a distance (back in July) and then again just last month. In just the short period of being near you I have to say you could feel the anger rolling off!! You could feel the jealousy oozing from you!! You play it off that you are this happy, go lucky person. But deep inside you are fighting with yourself! Your not happy, which given the circumstances I would not be happy either with my husband injured. But instead of being happy that he is still here with you & your child you are this huge B**ch!! No wonder no one wants to offer you help! Do you think with the attitude you have now that anyone will ever want to help you? Just imagine what you could do if you channeled ALL of this negative energy into positive!!!!! You seem like a smart girl, do you not think when you are negative that it just makes the healing for your warrior that much harder??! Or are you only thinking of yourself? Because right now, that is exactly what you are doing...thinking of only YOU!!!

    To make your self feel better you feel the need to come onto another wounded warriors wife's blog and try to belittle her and her family!! I'm sorry but you are a sorry excuse for a woman!!! You are jealous of the "Team Allen" because there is NO Team with you and your warrior!!! Right now, there is only an "I". Maybe if you would let down those walls around yourself and let some people in to help you! I know for a fact that Jessica has offered to help you many, many times! You can only ask someone so many times do they want help before you stop.

    I don't think you will need to worry about Jessica asking if you would like help. You burned that bridge! But do me a favor, the next comment you decide to leave how about be an adult and leave your name!! Because sooner or later your going to forget and slip up!!

    Wishing your warrior a very Merry Christmas and I hope the grinch will give back your heart!!!!

  22. I am a fellow wounded warrior wife, non-profit employee, and friend. I am saddened that this attack has entered a forum for so much positive change; and Jessica, I commend you for defending yourself. The support we all have for Team Allen has already been put so eloquently that I need not add more! I hope the negative comments end here, and that Jessica will continue making a positive impact on her community. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

  23. oh Jessica so transparent to post on your own blog and then sign as annonymous...... ;)

    to address how my husband would feel; he is extremely proud. all comments posted were first filtered through him. he was the one that was sooooo irritated that the death of a child would even be mentioned. we expect that we live in a civil enough society that the point shouldn't even be a dabatable subject. it should just be off limits.

    my husband has been EXTREMELY frustrated with how much his care has been delayed because "Team Allen" (more specifically Jessica) was at the nurses station throwing a fit about something.

    as to my identity; it's of zero importance. i wanted Jessica to see the MESSAGE and not the person. I have not had the pleasure of being formally introduced to Team Allen. We were not eager to jump on the "Team Allen" train and therefore Jessica has always wanted little to do with us. There have been SEVERAL instances when it has been just Jessica and I alone in passing in a hallway and THAT'S where her true colors just SHINE! ;)

    as far as burning a bridge with "Team Allen" that is of no concern. Team Allen has never made any effort to help my family and we have zero desire to market their campaign. As far as I'm concerned they burned a bridge with us when they fundraised for THEMSELVES! ;)

    maybe you have an idea of my identity but i promise you will never truly know. My family has just been the strong, silent type watching from the sidelines at this sideshow "Team Allen" has become.

    "hateful, grinch comments" there is nothing hateful about anything I have had to say. There must have been a ring of truth to this when Jessica read it otherwise she wouldn't have gotten so fired up! ;) all it is constructive critizim which Jessica is unable to handle!

    Jessica I do truly wish you the best of luck! I do understand how hard this road is. We all do have different ways of adjusting. I do not agree or condone with the way you conduct your family but I also recognize that the way I conduct my family you might also call into question. Our point of views are extremely different and our road to recovery has been extremely different. Just because we are a family that generally keeps to themselves does not mean we are holding it all in we just choose to live a private life.

    safe travels to TN! And genuinely I do wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

  24. Wow!! Who knew that one warrior could hinder another one from getthing his care!! I really hope you find the happiness that your heart is dying to find! You think you know everything, I'm sorry but you don't. That fundraiser was put together by Jason Conner. You might have got the chance to meet him as he was planning on putting together one for YOUR family!! As for identity, keep talking Mrs. V. (do I need to finish the rest?). The more you type the more you make yourself known. Best wishes to your family!! Before anything else spills from your mouth, you might want to really get the details first!!!

  25. Im sorry d but mrs v is not my name. U should be careful before u wrongfully throw a family under the bus. Im certain u and i have never been in the same room. Try again! :)

  26. Anyone who posts as "Anonymous" is a plain coward!! Thats right, a coward!! Dont talk shit about someone and hide. You can support Team Allen or you can go fuck yourself!! Its pretty much that simple. And any questions about the "fundraising" should be directed to me since I am the one that did it for them.
    Jason Conner

  27. So much anger and foul language from a "team" that is supposed to be so christian! Lol! U have a public forum and i have every right to express my opinion. If u dont like my opinion then u dont have to read my thoughts. Several of u should go wash ur trucker mouths out with soap. Honestly what jesus say? ;)

  28. All right ANONYMOUS! First of all I'm the one that made the comment 'You can now go to and make your own T-shirt that reads, "Mission Accomplished: I attacked a wounded warrior wife I am jealous of at Christmas." If you have something to say about this please let me know and I will meet you and we can discuss this in person!!!

    Now for the person that has "seen Jessica's true colors when the cameras are off...your turn WILL come AND when you least expect it!!! You obviously DON'T know her AT ALL!!! Clearly you have your head so far up your ass you can't even see a genuine person staring you in the face! It's a good thing for you that Jessica is as honest and genuine that she is because if she were more like me...well let me put it this way your fingers would still be hold ice to your face from where I rearranged it for you!!!

    All of this is jealousy and high school bullshit drama! People GROW UP!!! Leave the drama for you mamas and if you can't write anything nice then DON'T write it here! This is a positive blog spot to HELP those that are having trouble dealing with their own wounded warrior! It's to help them understand that there IS a positive side and good things will come from this tragic ordeal.

    ALSO, if you have something negative to say about MY posts then BRING IT ON!!! I thrive from people getting pissed!!! >:-)

  29. Anonymous...You are an ignorant piece of crap. It is sad that you as a soldiers wife would attack one of your own!! Until you are woman enough to come out with who you are please SHUT THE FUCK UP!! You are making your husband look very bad by being married to such a bitch!! If I have you all wrong and you are really a man then you and I should meet!!! You let me know!!