Thursday, May 10, 2012

Our Trip to the Supreme Court

So for those who don't know, I am a nerd! I am very proud of my degree in Political Science and History. I was blessed with some of the best teachers growing up and then in college. They shared their favorite stories of our nation. I am thrilled to be in DC and be able to share those things with my family. I love being in the buildings where life changing decisions have been made. I love sharing my "nerd skills" (Chaz's words) with my husband and kids. I also like to see that my $64,000 degree (circa 1997 prices) that hangs on the wall is more than just a coaster.

Yesterday I was in "nerd heaven" (once again Chaz's words). But what was great about the tour were the ladies with us. They were thrilled that we are home schooling. I had a very proud mommy moment in the bathroom, of all places. Deryn said, "Mom why does all this matter to you so much?" I told her, "You can never know where you're going if you don't look back to where you came from." Then I reminded her and Ryann of our lesson about the three branches of government. We went through them and I said ok you've been to the...and one said White House and the other said President's house. Then I asked what branch is that? I got "Executive" back from them. Then we talked about Congress. They got all of that correct so then I asked what was left. Ry says the judges and Deryn says the Court, the Judicial branch. Woot-woot, now our girls know more than half of our country! Yes I was excited. Then I shared with them that history is so very, very important and we talked about the decisions the court make effect so much. Then I let the docents take over.

Before we knew it, we were in this one room and the docents were asking questions. Someone tell Dr. Conroy that this girl knew all the answers. I know he'd be proud to know all of that knowledge was still in there. My hubby told me he was quite impressed that I knew all of that stuff. I always know when I impress my hubby. He tells his cyber buddies as soon as he gets online. He's so cute. I think I'll keep him a little longer. ;)

Then we went to another room and 5 out of 9 Justices greeted us at a reception. The girls' favorite was Justice Sotomayor, then Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Thomas. They were all three super sweet to the girls. But they really made the girls feel special which of course made Chaz and I feel even better. The other Justices were occupied by the other families. They also chatted with us, but not like those three did. They were all super nice and you can ask anyone on the tour they were very considerate and caring.

You should have seen the people's faces when we said we were home schooling the girls. Everyone we met was so excited we were home schooling them. Everyone made our girls feel so special for being home schooled. It was the first universally awesome home school experience. Usually at least one person questions us on it. But not in "nerd heaven" no we were welcomed there. They also told the girls how special it is to be home schooled, which of course always helps Chaz and I.

The best part of the day for me came when I was skyping with my mom last night. Deryn was telling her what all they learned at the Supreme Court. My favorite thing that she shared with my mom was about the animals in the court. We found owls, lions and turtles all over the place. In one of the rooms, the docents shared why they were there. Deryn remembered and told her Grannie, "Turtles are there because justice is slow and steady. Lions are there because the courageous seek and protect justice. Owls are there because they show the wisdom of justice in the wise old owl." Home school field trip success!!

Ryann just had a great 7th birthday all around. She woke up to a new outfit for her birthday. (They got a little extra sleep on the bus ride over.) One of the Justices sang happy birthday to her. Then everyone came and wished her a happy birthday. When we returned to the hospital, the events services coordinator, the awesome Mr. Caleb, had a few treats for her too. We stopped and got Chic-fil-a (upon her request) on the way home. She open three more presents (one from mom, dad and sis). Then we enjoyed our yummy cake from Charm City Cakes. She and Deryn had a great time playing with her new things.When she kissed me good night she told me it was a great day. Yeah!!!

Oh and the girls were excited because they scored four rewards on the tour. Chaz and I have a deal with the girls. Anytime a stranger comes to us and compliments our girls for their behavior, we reward them with a small treat, think ice cream cone or along those lines. This way they always have a reason to always be on the best behavior because they never know when they can earn a special treat. Well yesterday four separate people including a Justice bragged on them. So we paid up in the Supreme Court gift shop. It was cool to see what they picked out. They got pencils that look like gavels and a turtle piggy bank and a few other cute little tokens. They each got two things to share and two things for themselves. That was Deryn's idea and again made me proud.

When our neighbors came home the girls were so excited to tell them about our adventures. I was proud because this "nerd" got a welcome to the supreme court book and had the Justices sign under their pictures for each of the girls. Deryn and Ryann were so excited to show our neighbors and talked their ears off about their day. I think I can safely say I turned a "nerdy" day into another great memory for our family! I can't wait to get the pictures back from their photographer. Truth be told I am just trying to make sure I earn my Mother's Day present. ;)

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