Monday, April 29, 2013

Just to Clear Things Up......

This video is circulating around right now, (I should say again). I will warn you now it is graphic. I would not suggest the weak stomached or small children watch it at all.

I just wanted to take a few minutes and answer a few questions. Here's what has been asked.....

Is that Chaz? Yup! It's him. You can see the legs and elbow that we all miss terribly. ;) 

Am I ok? Yup I am totally fine. We have seen it a few times and we have copies of both pieces TF-1 did in 2011. 

Did we know about it? Yes and we signed papers and gave our full permission.

Why would we allow it? War is real. Injuries are real. You do not get any more real than this. Michele (reporter) and Gilles (cameraman) were able to capture exactly what happened to Chaz. We feel they did an excellent job and others need to see the reality of the situation. Chaz and I are thankful for the footage. We were able to have a lot of questions answered.

Are we upset with the French or TF-1? No, we are not upset at all. The people of France have been beyond supportive of us. We have a standing invitation to visit the country as soon as Chaz is up to it. We hope to cross the ocean in 2014.

Have the girls seen it? No the girls have not seen it. We hope they don't see it until they are ready for it. We are thankful that when they are ready for it we can show them how heroic their Daddy was on the battlefield.

Does the Army know about this? Yes, the reporter and cameraman were embedded with the guys at the time. There is a second piece which was filmed at Walter Reed. All permissions for that one were obtained as well.

How can I watch it? It's my husband and I wanted to know everything. I have all of the answers I needed by watching this. The only part that bothers me if when Chaz yells, "Medic." I want to jump into the screen and save him. I can hear the pain in his voice. Every time I watch it, I get sick to my stomach because I couldn't save him.

Do I have nightmares from this? I have in the past, but not recently. Chaz and I are very thankful though that we know exactly who did what when and how to get Chaz home. This video actually created a dialog between not only Chaz and I, but also between the guys that were with him and I as well.

Does it bother me that it's circulating? Nope it doesn't bother me one bit. What does bother me are the stupid comments people made on the youtube link. Chaz has banned me from looking at that page. So I don't.

Is Chaz barking orders? Yes Chaz is not only barking orders he is also calling in for his own bird with his one good arm. I don't think this clip shows Doc yelling at Chaz to "Shut up and be a casualty." TF-1 provided us with additional footage and I can't remember if that made it in this one or not. But oh did I laugh when that was shouted at my hubby.

Is he moving his arm? Yes he was moving his right arm. Now you can see why I fought so hard with him to keep it. He remembered moving it and knew it was viable.

Was anyone else hurt? No one else that day was visibly injured. I can tell you they all were invisibly injured. Some have already come to grips with it and some have not. That was a tough day that had numerous ripple effects. When you watch the video you can understand why.

I am sure you have additional questions to ask. I can do my best to answer them. I just wanted to get this out there to let you know that we know about it. And more importantly you need to know we are ok with it. You might not understand how we are comfortable with the video. Here's the best way to look at it. You know the real ending and that ending is truly a Happy Ever After.....


  1. Very well said. Not only is Chaz a hero but your whole family is a hero in my book. You guys have made Chaz's recovery possible. So many of our service men come home to no support at all. Having served in the military myself I have all the respect of our military members, but people like Chaz hold a special place in my heart.

    Thanks Chaz...

    Daniel Howard Sr
    AKA: IN_Sniper

  2. Jessica, I saw this video last night and I'm so glad you wrote this blog today. I instantly said "Is that Chaz Allen? Do they know about this?" My hubby chimed in and said, that you surely gave permission. Let me say this-It was awful and I CRIED my eyes out. As another WW wife I felt the pain of my own hubby's experience. Your hubby is a HERO and it was proven in this video. I see how it can be a positive and negative to have this footage, but I honestly stated to my hubby after viewing that I was glad there was no video of his because just pics of the blast site alone made my heart hurt immensely. God bless you Chaz and thank you Jessica for sharing.

  3. I saw it on Senior Airman Brian Kolfage's page. Though I realize how difficult that this may be I am so proud of Chaz. It was not done disrespectfully, but in honor of what our troops and Chaz have done and continue to do for our country. I realize that it is important for you and others of the military to remain apolitical and you have been nothing but positive in your support for each other and this country. But people need to realize what is happening and why our casualties and wounded have increased. These are not just numbers on the news, when even on the news, they are our brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, fathers and mothers. They are Chaz. We owe them the best protection they deserve while they continue to serve and honor this country!

  4. Balls! I'm stunned by both Chaz's ability / attempt to manage the situation in the video and your family's guts for allowing this to be shared with the world. Bravo doesn't begin to do it justice.

    His mantra should be, "Refusing to shut up and be a casualty". Loved that part!

  5. Chaz is an amazing man and you all inspire me all the time. The video gave me chills. It was so unreal to visualize just how quickly your lives changed. I guess I always knew that, but it really puts it into perspective a bit more. Thank you to Chaz for his service and to you, Jessica for being such a strong wife, mother, and advocate for wounded soldiers and their families!

  6. Know that you're always in my thoughts and prayers!
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